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The core hardware for an HCP system consists of servers, called nodes, that are networked together. When you access an HCP system, your point of access is an individual node. Typically, you let HCP choose the node on which to process a metadata query API request. You can, however, use an IP address in the URL to access the system on a specific node. To do this, you replace the fully qualified hostname in the URL with the IP address of the node you want:


With this URL format, you can provide an HTTP Host header that specifies a fully qualified hostname for a tenant or the entire repository. The hostname format you use depends on the namespaces you want to query:

  • To query namespaces owned by an HCP tenant, use this format:
  • To query only the default namespace, use this format:
  • To query the entire repository, use this format:

If you omit the Host header, the request queries the entire repository.

Note: The Host header is required when you are performing an operation-based query and the request body specifies a namespace.

With cURL, you use the -H option to provide the Host header. For example:

-H "Host:"

In Python with PycURL, you do this with the HTTPHEADER option. For example:

curl.setopt(pycurl.HTTPHEADER, [“HOST:”])

When using an IP address in a URL, you need to use HTTP with SSL security.

Note: If you don’t know the IP addresses for the HCP system, contact your HCP system administrator.