Introduction to the HCP management API

Content Platform Tenant Management Help

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The Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) management API is a RESTful HTTP interface to a subset of the administrative functions of an HCP system. Using this API, you can manage tenants, namespaces, retention classes, content classes, and tenant-level user and group accounts (HCP tenants only).

Each entity you can manage is referred to as a resource. Each resource has properties that provide information about it.

  • Most of the examples in this book use cURL and Python with PycURL, a Python interface that uses the libcurl library. cURL and PycURL are both freely available open-source software. You can download them from
  • In version 7.12.1 of PycURL, the PUT method was deprecated and replaced with UPLOAD. The Python examples in this book show UPLOAD but work equally well with PUT.