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The tenantCandidate data type describes the tenantCandidates property of the tenantCandidates and tenantConflictingCandidates resources for erasure coding topologies.

tenantCandidate data type properties

The following table describes the properties included in the tenantCandidate data type.

Property name Data type Description Notes
hcpSystems List Lists the HCP systems on which the tenant exists. Each system is identified by the fully qualified name of the domain associated with the [hcp_system] network on that system.

This property is returned only by a verbose GET request.

In XML, the element that identifies each system is name. In JSON, the name in the name/value pair that lists the systems is name.

name String Specifies the name of the tenant.
uuid String Specifies the unique ID for the tenant. This property is returned only by a verbose GET request.


Here's an XML example of the tenantCandidate data type; the properties shown are those that are returned in response to a verbose GET request: