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The retentionClass data type describes the retentionClasses resource.


The table below describes the properties included in the retentionClass data type.

Property Data type Description Notes
allowDisposition Boolean

Specifies whether HCP automatically deletes expired objects in the retention class. Valid values are:

Automatically delete expired objects.
Do not automatically delete expired objects.

This property is required on a PUT request when the value of the retention class is an offset. It is ignored if the value is not an offset.

This property is required on a POST request when the retention class value is being changed to an offset from another type of value.

description String

Specifies a description of the retention class. This description is optional. The default is no description.

To remove a description from an existing retention class, specify the description property with no value.

name String

Specifies the name of the retention class. Retention class names must be from one through 64 characters long, can contain only alphanumeric characters, hyphens (-), and underscores (_), and are not case sensitive.

The retention class name must be unique for the namespace. Different namespaces can have retention classes with the same name.

This property is required on a PUT request. It is not valid on a POST request and is returned only by a verbose GET request.
value String Specifies the retention class value. Valid values are special values and offsets. This property is required on a PUT request.


Here’s an XML example of the retentionClass data type:

    <description>Implements Finance department standard #42 - keep for 10