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The remote data type in this section describes the remote property of the schedule data type that describes the schedule resource for replication links.

Replication link schedule local data type properties

The following table describes the properties included in the local data type that describes the local property of the schedule data type.

Property name Data type Description Notes
scheduleOverride String

Specifies an override for the local schedule for the replication link. Valid values are:

The performance level is low for the entire week.
The performance level is medium for the entire week.
The performance level is high for the entire week.
The performance level is the custom setting for the entire week.
The schedule for the link is not overridden.

These values are not case-sensitive.

To remove an existing override, specify NONE as the value for this property. If you don’t explicitly remove an existing override when changing the local schedule, the override remains in effect.

transition transition Specifies a scheduled change of performance level for the replication link on the local system.


Here’s an XML example of the local data type that describes that describes the local property of the schedule data type: