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The recipients data type describes the recipients property of the emailNotification data type.


The table below describes the property included in the recipients data type.

Property Data type Description Notes
recipient recipient


  • One or more email addresses to which HCP sends email about log messages
  • The types of log messages about which HCP sends email to those addresses

Include one instance of this property (up to 25) for each set of email addresses you want in the recipients list for email notification.

The set of recipients specified in the request body replaces the set of recipients currently configured for email notification.

Recipients are added to the Bcc list for each email.

Because each instance of the recipient property can specify multiple email addresses, you can specify a total of more than 25 addresses across all instances of this property. However, if you specify more than 25, HCP sends each email only to an arbitrary 25 of them.


Here’s an XML example of the recipients data type property: