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The license data type retrieves information about current and past storage licenses.

license data type properties

The following table describes the properties included in the license data type.

Property name Data type Description Notes
localCapacity Long Specifies the active storage capacity in terabytes. Value is returned in bytes.
expirationDate String

Specifies the storage license expiration date.

If there is no expiration date, enter None.

extendedCapacity Long Specifies the extended storage capacity in terabytes. Value is returned in bytes.
feature String

Specifies the type of license. Valid values are:

  • Basic
  • Premium
serialNumber String Specifies the serial number of the HCP system the storage license is intended for.
uploadDate String Specifies the date that the license was uploaded. This property is returned only by a verbose GET request.


Here’s an XML example of the license data type:

         <expirationDate>Jan 1, 2021</expirationDate>
         <uploadDate>Aug 14, 2016</uploadDate>