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The healthCheckPrepare data type describes the information needed to prepare the health check reports for the available HCP cluster nodes.

healthCheckPrepare data type properties

The following table describes the properties included in the healthCheckPrepare data type.

Property Data type Description
exactTime String (Optional) If this property is specified, the reports for each node will have a start date and time of startDate exactTime.

Specifying this property ensures that if you download health check reports daily at the same time, the downloads will not include the same .tar archives on two consecutive days.

collectCurrent Boolean (Optional) If this property is set to false, when data collection for the specified start and end dates is performed, data will not be collected for the current report.

The default value is true.

startDate String (Optional) Data collection start date for preparing the health check reports.

The default value is today.

endDate String (Optional) Data collection end date for preparing the health check reports.

The default value is today if the exactTime property value is not specified; otherwise, the endDate is yesterday.


Here is an XML example of the healthCheckPrepare data type: