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The following considerations apply to URLs in management API requests.

URL length

The portion of a URL that follows mapi, excluding any appended query parameters, is limited to 4,095 bytes. If a request includes a URL that violates that limit, HCP returns a status code of 414 (Request URI Too Large).

Percent-encoding for special characters

Some characters have special meaning when used in a URL and may be interpreted incorrectly when used for other purposes. To avoid ambiguity, percent-encode the special characters listed in the table below.

Percent-encoded values are not case sensitive.

Character Percent-encoded values
Space %20
Tab %09
New line %0A
Carriage return %0D
+ %2B
% %25
# %23
? %3F
& %26
\ &5C

Quotation marks with URLs in command lines

When using the HCP management API, you work in a Windows, Unix, or Mac OS X shell. Some characters in the commands you enter may have special meaning to the shell. For example, the ampersand (&) used in URLs to join multiple query parameters may indicate that a process should be put in the background.

To avoid the possibility of the Windows, Unix, or Mac OS X shell misinterpreting special characters in a URL, always enclose the entire URL in double quotation marks.