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You use the HTTP Authorization request header to provide the authentication token for an HCP management API request. The value of this header is HCP followed by the authentication token, in this format:

Authorization: HCP authentication-token

For example, here’s the Authorization header for a user named lgreen and password p4ssw0rd:

Authorization: HCP bGdyZWVu:2a9d119df47ff993b662a8ef36f9ea20

Specifying the Authorization header with cURL

With cURL, you use the -H option to specify a header. So, for example, a request to list the tenants for the HCP system named might look like this:

curl -k -i -H "Authorization: HCP bGdyZWVu:2a9d119df47ff993b662a8ef36f9ea20"
    -H "Accept: application/xml"

Specifying the authentication header in Python with PycURL

In Python with PycURL, you use the HTTPHEADER option to specify a header, as in this example:

curl.setopt(pycurl.HTTPHEADER, ["Authorization: HCP