Optionally reviewing the storage configuration

Installing an HCP system

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Before installing the OS for an HCP with SAN-attached storage system, you might want to submit a request to your SAN administrator to review the storage configuration for one or more nodes. To review the storage configuration for a node:

  1. Connect the keyboard and monitor to the node.
  2. If you are using a DVD, connect the external DVD drive to a USB port on the node.
  3. Insert the Appliance OS installation USB into a USB port on the node or the DVD into the external DVD drive.
  4. Power on or restart the node.
    The installation program prompts for the installation mode.
  5. Either press Enter or let the program default to the installation option after 75 seconds.
    The installation program prompts for the procedure you want to perform.
    P) Preserve storage volumes during installation
    C) Clear storage volumes during installation
    E) Exit the installation
    Type your selection and press enter [pce]:
  6. Enter e.
    The installation program exits.
  7. At the command prompt, enter:
    fchbainfo | more
    The console displays the first window showing storage configuration information for the node:
    • To page through the rest of the information, use the space bar.
    • To stop the display before you have viewed all the configuration information, press Q.