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Installing an HCP system

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To begin the procedure for installing the HCP software, you need to log in as the install user and then change the password for that user:

  1. If you are using a DVD to perform the installation, connect the external DVD drive to a USB port on the node.
  2. Connect the keyboard and monitor to the highest-numbered storage node in the system.
    The console displays the login prompt.
    Appliance Operating System release 
    Kernel 3.10.13-101.fc18.x86-64
    Press ALT+F5 for Appliance Application Status
    Press ALT+F6 for Appliance Process Status
    Press ALT+F8 for Appliance Diagnostics
    Press ALT+F1 to return to this login screen
    aos login:
    Tip: If you don't see the login prompt, press Enter a few times.
  3. Insert the HCP software installation DVD into the DVD drive for that node or the USB into the USB port.
  4. Enter: install
    A password prompt appears.
    aos login: install
  5. Enter the default password.
    As you type, the characters do not show.
    Note: If you’ve previously changed the password for the install user, enter that password instead. Then continue the installation procedure from where you ended the last session.
    If you haven’t previously changed the install user password, HCP Setup prompts for the current password again.
    Changing password for user install.
    Changing password for install
    (current) UNIX password:
  6. Enter the default password.
    The system prompts for a new password for the install user.
  7. Enter a new password for the install user.
    Passwords must follow the standard rules for Unix passwords. In particular, to be valid, a password must include at least one character from two of these three groups: alphabetic, numeric, and special characters. Also, a password cannot be a word found in the dictionary.
    Changing the install user password is a one-time event. Make sure to remember the new password. You will need it if you use multiple HCP Setup sessions to perform the HCP software installation. You will also need to give it to your authorized HCP service provider for procedures such as upgrades and node additions.
    Tip: For the new password, use hcpinsta11, where the last two characters are the number one.
  8. When prompted, enter the new password again.
    The system changes the password and prompts you to continue.
    Password updated.
    If you install your application from this node, the new password
    will be propagated to all other nodes.
    Press ENTER to continue:
  9. Press Enter.
    The HCP Configuration Menu appears.
    HCP Configuration Menu 
    [1] Get HCP Setup Files 
    [1] Log Out 
    Currently installed version: None 
    Version on DVD:               
    Extracted version:           None