Performing the HCP software installation

Installing an HCP system

Part Number

To install the software for an HCP system, follow the steps outlined in the following table. Encryption is disabled by default. To enable encryption, contact your service provider before beginning the installation.

Note: While you can install HCP software without an HCP service provider, you need HCP service personnel on site to enable data-at-rest encryption (DARE) or data-in-flight encryption (DIFE). DARE encrypts data on primary storage and data tiered to external storage pools. DIFE encrypts data sent over replication links, tiered to external storage pools, and over ingest. To enable DARE or DIFE, contact your authorized HCP service provider before performing the software installation.
  1. Log into the highest-numbered storage node in the HCP system.
  2. Retrieve the HCP software installation files.
  3. Identify the nodes in the HCP system.
  4. Configure the HCP system.
  5. Execute the installation.
    Note: For HCP SAIN systems, if any of the nodes in the system do not have the required version of the HBA firmware, the installation fails.