Using the HCP Setup wizard menus

Installing an HCP system

Part Number

The HCP Setup wizard is menu driven. Under each menu, the wizard prompts for the number or letter of a menu option, as in this example showing the HCP Setup wizard New Install Menu:

HCP Setup: New Install Menu
[1] HCP Nodes
[2] Distributor/OEM Key Access (Arizona)
[3] Networking settings
[4] DNS Settings
[5] Time Settings
[6] Internal Configuration Settings
[7] Security and Encryption Settings

[c] Load HCP Configuration File
[r] Restore Default Configuration
[v] Review Current Configuration

[x] Install a New HCP System with This Configuration

[w] Exit/Write out Configuration File
[q] Return to Configuration Menu

Enter your choice.
[Default: 1 ]:

Each prompt for a menu selection displays a default value:

  • To accept the default, press Enter.
  • To select a different option, type the number or letter you want. Then press Enter

You use the menu options to navigate through the wizard and to enter configuration values:

  • When you select a numbered menu option, the wizard displays either a lower-level menu or a prompt for a configuration value.
  • From any lower-level menu, you can select the b menu option to go back to the previous menu.
  • When you return to a menu, the default option is the one following the option you most recently selected.
  • From any menu, you can select the q option to exit the wizard without saving any of the configuration information you’ve entered.
  • If you select an option to perform an operation that cannot be undone (for example, the q option described previously), the wizard prompts you twice to confirm your selection before performing the operation.

For pictures of all the HCP Setup wizard menus, see HCP Setup wizard menus.