Before you install the OS

Installing an HCP system

Part Number

Before you install the Appliance OS:

  • Complete the Appliance OS Installation Information so the information you need for the OS installation is readily available.
  • Read the HCP release notes for any last-minute installation information.
  • Ensure that the BIOS date in the node is correct. The OS installation fails if the BIOS date is one or more years in the past.
  • For SAIN systems, verify that:
    • The formatting of all LUNs used by HCP is complete. (When a LUN is completely formatted, its state is Normal.)
    • Each node has full connectivity to the storage arrays. If it doesn’t, contact your authorized HCP service provider.
    • For each node, LUN 0 (zero) is configured for the OS, and sufficient storage is allocated for the data, index, shared, and spindown volumes, as applicable. If these conditions aren’t true, submit a request to your SAN administrator to reconfigure the storage.
      Note: For HCP to use storage in an array in the AMS 2000 or HUS VM family, Task Management Isolation Mode must be enabled on the array.
  • Optionally, for SAIN systems, submit a request to your SAN administrator to review the storage configuration. See Optionally reviewing the storage configuration.
  • For SAIN systems with spindown storage, submit a request to your SAN administrator to spin up all spindown volumes that are allocated to the HCP system.
  • If the console you’re using is not already connected to the node, connect it.
    Tip: You need the console only for the first part of the OS installation. As soon as you’ve completed that part of the installation, you can disconnect the console. This enables you to share the console among nodes when installing the OS on multiple nodes at the same time.