Namespace access protocols

Installing an HCP system

Part Number

HCP supports access to namespaces through a variety of industry-standard protocols. For actions such as adding objects to a namespace, viewing and retrieving objects, changing object metadata, and deleting objects, HCP supports:

  • For HCP namespaces only:
    • A RESTful HTTP API (simply referred to as HTTP in the HCP documentation).
    • Hitachi API for Amazon S3, which is a RESTful, HTTP-based API that’s compatible with Amazon® S3. With this S3 compatible API, namespaces are called buckets.
  • For the default namespace only, a non-RESTful implementation of HTTP.
  • For all namespaces:
    • WebDAV
    • CIFS
    • NFS

HCP allows special-purpose access to namespaces through two additional protocols: SMTP (for storing email) and, for the default namespace only, NDMP (for backing up and restoring data).