Back-end IP addresses

Installing an HCP system

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All the nodes in an HCP system must be on the same system-specific private back-end subnet. This subnet is used only for internode communication. It must not be connected to your corporate network, which is used for other types of data communication.

For the back-end subnet, use the installation default of 10.1.1.x (with the required subnet mask of unless it’s already in use in your network. If 10.1.1.x is unavailable, choose another private IP subnet.

For the fourth octet of the back-end IP addresses, use sequential numbers such as 101, 102, 103, and so on. These octets can differ from the fourth octets in the front-end IP addresses.

Note: The HCP software installation procedure in this book refers to the highest-numbered storage node. The number assigned to a node is the fourth octet of its back-end IP address.
After HCP is installed, interfering with the operation of the back-end network or back-end switches can cause the system to become inoperable or can result in data loss.