Appliance OS installation information

Installing an HCP system

Part Number

Use this form to record the information for an Appliance OS installation.

General front-end network configuration settings

Front-end network bonding mode: ☐ Active-backup ☐ 802.3ad

Front-end network IP mode: ☐ IPv4 ☐ IPv6 ☐ Dual

Front-end network VLAN ID: ☐ Yes:__________ ☐ No

Front-end network subnet configuration settings

IPv4 address subnet mask:

IPv4 gateway IP address:

Primary IPv6 address prefix length:

Primary IPv6 gateway IP address:

Secondary IPv6 address prefix length:

Secondary IPv6 gateway IP address:

Front-end and back-end network IP addresses assigned to the node

For each node, specify the front-end network IPv4 address/primary IPv6 address/secondary IPv6 address/back-end network IP address:

Node 1:

Node 2:

Node 3:

Node 4:

Node 5:

Node 6:

Node 7:

Node 8:

Node 9:

Node 10:

Node 11:

Node 12: