Specifying configuration values

Installing an HCP system

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The options displayed on the lowest-level menus in the HCP Setup wizard are used to enter values for specific configuration settings. For example, the HCP Time Options menu displays the options used to enter values for the HCP system time configuration settings, as shown in the following example:

HCP Time Options

[1] Time-Server Configuration (internal)
[2] Current Date and Time: (not specified)
[3] Time Zone (America/New York)
[4] Time Settings: Compliance Mode: (False)

[b] Go Back to the Previous Menu
[q] Return to Configuration Menu

Enter your choice.
[Default: 1]:

Most of the options in these menus display the currently configured value as the default.

When you select an option to specify values for one or more configuration settings, the wizard prompts you to enter the value you want to use for each setting and displays the default value for that setting, as in this example:

Time-server Configuration 
What type of time do you want the HCP system to use? You can specify 
"internal" or at most three time servers. You will be asked to specify the 
names or IP addresses one at a time. For you to specify an external time 
server, the HCP system must have connectivity to the time server through the 
front-end network.

Example (time.nist.gov):  

Note: Control-C cancels input 

Internal or IP address(es). 
[Default: internal]:

When specifying configuration values in the wizard:

  • When the wizard prompts you to enter a value for a configuration setting, to accept the default value that’s displayed, press Enter.
  • When the wizard prompts you to enter yes or no in response to a question, y, yes, n, and no are all acceptable responses.
  • The wizard prompts you to confirm each configuration values that you specify.
  • For certain settings, changing the currently configured value for one setting might change the default configuration values for other settings. For example, changing the time server configuration setting from internal to a specified external time server changes the default value for the Current Date and Time setting to not available with time server.
  • After selecting an option from a menu, if you’re prompted to enter a value for a specific configuration setting, you can press Ctrl+C to return to the menu without changing the currently configured value for that setting.
  • At any time, you can use the v option on the New Install Menu to review the current configuration settings.