HCP Search Console

Installing an HCP system

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HCP includes a web application called the Search Console that lets users search for objects based on specified criteria. This Console works with the HCP metadata query engine. This facility is integrated with HCP and works internally to perform searches and return results to the Search Console. The metadata query engine is also used by the metadata query API. When working with the metadata query engine, the Search Console is called the Metadata Query Engine Console.

The metadata query engine is selected at the HCP system level. If the metadata query engine is not selected, the HCP system does not support the use of the Search Console to search namespaces.

The metadata query engine maintains its own index of objects in each search-enabled namespace and uses this index for fast retrieval of search results. The metadata query engine automatically updates its indexes to account for all new and deleted objects and changes to object metadata.

For more information about the metadata query engine and the Search Console, see the HCP System Management Help.