HCP System Management Console

Installing an HCP system

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The System Management Console is a secure web application that gives interactive access to the HCP system. To use the System Management Console, you need a user account. This account determines what you have permission to do in the Console.

A role is a named collection of permissions that can be associated with a user account. For some of the activities in this book, you must have a user account with a specific role. This is noted with the applicable procedures.

HCP is installed with one predefined user account.

This account includes the security role only. When you first install HCP, you must either create a new user account with the administrator role, or modify the security account to include the administrator role so you can change the system configuration, as needed.

Note: The password for the security account must be changed the first time someone logs in as security.

For more information about the System Management Console, user accounts, and roles, see the Administering HCP help.

Note: When administering a tenant, you use a different web application, called the Tenant Management Console. For information about this Console, see Managing a Tenant and Its Namespaces or Managing the Default Tenant and Namespace.