Gathering installation information

Installing an HCP system

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The software for an HCP system consists of an operating system (the Appliance operating system) and the HCP software.

Before you can install the Appliance OS and the HCP software, you need to know certain information about the system you’re creating. For example, you need to know the IP addresses of the HCP nodes, the serial number for the system, and which features you want to enable.

Some of the information you need comes from the HCP distributor. The rest depends on decisions you make yourself or in conjunction with your authorized HCP service provider. Often, you make these decisions before the hardware arrives on site.

After the HCP system is up and running, you might want to do some post-installation setup. For example, you might want to enable syslog logging or disable the ability to ping the HCP nodes.

This chapter describes the information you need for installing both the Appliance OS and the HCP software. It also outlines the information required for any post-installation setup you might want to do.

The descriptions in this chapter are intended to help you prepare for an HCP system installation. You can use the forms in Forms to record the information you collect. You can then keep the completed forms available to facilitate the installation procedure.