Testing syslog server connections

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After specifying one or more syslog servers and selecting the network you want, you can click Test on the SYSLOG page to test the connections to those servers. Testing the connections causes the S Series Node to send this test message, with the applicable IP addresses, to each specified server:

A test message has been sent to the syslog servers at the following IP addresses:[,]

If the S Series Node successfully sends the test message, this message appears in the event log:

Syslog test message sent

If the syslog server receives the test message, the connection works.

You can specify the syslog local facility to which the test message should be directed. The message goes to this facility on each specified syslog server. The default facility is local0.

Note: When you use the management API to test syslog server connections, you specify the local facility as part of the name of the requested resource. If the local facility specified in the management API request differs from the local facility in the syslog configuration, the S Series Node changes the local facility in the syslog configuration to the local facility specified in the management API request.