Configuring syslog logging

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You can specify up to ten syslog servers. You identify each one by its IP address (optionally, with an appended port number). If you specify multiple servers, the S Series Node sends each message to all of them.

Specifying which messages to send

You select the types of log messages to send to the specified syslog servers. You can select any number of message types. However, if you don't select any message types, no log messages are sent, even if you have specified one or more syslog servers.

For each message type you select, you can specify the syslog local facility to which that type of log message will be directed. The default for all types is local0.

You can control which event log messages are sent to the syslog servers in these ways:

  • By setting the minimum severity level to one of the levels listed below.
    • NOTICE. Send messages with a severity level of notice, warning, or error.
    • WARNING. Send messages with a severity level of warning or error.
    • ERROR. Send only messages with a severity level of error.
  • By specifying that only messages about major events should be sent. Major events are those that are displayed on the Dashboard page of the HCP S Series Management Console.
  • By including security event messages in the messages to be sent. Security event messages report actions that require the security role (such as the creation of a user account) and events that are exposed only to users with the security role (such as a login attempt with an incorrect password).

Selecting a network

You can choose the network (access or management) to be used for communication between the S Series Node and the syslog servers you specify. The default is the access network.

The S Series Node uses the selected network in the IP mode in which the network is configured. If the access network is configured for IPv6 and a secondary IPv6 gateway is configured for the network, you can choose to use either the primary or secondary IPv6 gateway.

For the S Series Node to communicate with the specified syslog servers, the IP mode of your network selection must match the IP mode of the syslog server IP addresses.

Note: If all these conditions are true, the S Series Node sends messages to the syslog servers over both the access and management networks:
  • The access and management networks have different IP modes.
  • The syslog configuration specifies two or more syslog servers.
  • At least one specified syslog server has an IPv4 address, and at least one specified syslog server has an IPv6 address.