SAS expander LEDs (S11 or S31 Node base enclosure and all expansion enclosures)

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Each SAS expander in an S11 or S31 Node base enclosure or in any expansion enclosure has two color-coded LEDs that indicate the status of the expander. The LEDs are located on the outer side of the expander and reflect on the inner side of the enclosure side wall. The reflection is visible when you look down on the expander from above.

The figure below shows the locations of the LEDs on a SAS expander.

The table below describes these LEDs.

LED Color State Description
SAS expander heartbeat Green Solid N/A
Blinking The SAS expander heartbeat is occurring normally.
Off The SAS expander is not operational.
SAS expander fault Amber Solid The SAS expander has a fault condition.
Blinking Beaconing is on for the SAS expander.
Off The SAS expander is operating normally, and beaconing is off for the expander.