Base enclosure power supply LEDs (S11 and S31 Nodes)

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For each of the two inlets on each power supply for an S11 or S31 Node base enclosure, the power supply has a single LED that indicates the status of the inlet. Each LED can be green or amber, depending on the inlet status. Each LED is located to the right of the inlet it applies to, as shown in the figure below.

The table below describes these LEDs.

LED Color State Description
Power supply inlet status/fault Green or amber Solid green The power supply inlet is operating normally.
Blinking green A power supply firmware upgrade is in progress.
Solid amber Either the power supply inlet has a fault condition, or the AC input for the inlet is at the low end of the normal operating range.
Blinking amber Beaconing is on for the power supply inlet.
Off The power supply inlet is not connected to a power source.