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HCP S Series Nodes maintain internal logs that record the status and activity of various components of the HCP S Series software. If a problem occurs with the S Series Node, the internal logs can assist support personnel in diagnosing and resolving the problem.

Note: S Series Node time is always expressed in UTC, so the datetime stamps on messages in the internal logs are in UTC.

If you have the administrator, monitor, security, or service role, you can use the HCP S Series Management Console or management API to insert comments into the S Series Node internal logs. You can use this capability, for example, to note unusual events that occur on the S Series Node. Comments can later assist support personnel in understanding the symptoms that indicate a possible problem. Comments can also assist support personnel in determining when a problem started.

To help with troubleshooting, if you have the administrator or service role, you can download the internal logs and send them to your HCP support center. You can use the HCP S Series Management Console or management API to download the logs. For ease of handling, the S Series Node downloads the logs into a single packed file. Neither this file nor the logs themselves are encrypted.

An S Series Node generally keeps internal logs for at least 120 days. However, it keeps the logs for a shorter time period if insufficient space is available for them. You can download the logs for any length of time within the period for which logs exist. When downloading the logs, be sure to include all the days on which you observed issues with the S Series Node.