Storage-usage bar

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The storage-usage bar on the Dashboard page shows the relative amounts of storage currently in these categories:

  • Storage used for object data, object and system metadata, scavenging metadata, and protection overhead (shown in blue).
  • Storage under repair (shown in orange). If any storage is under repair, the section for storage under repair overlies the applicable length of the section for available storage. The current amount of available storage is not affected by this overlay. However, because the S Series Node uses available storage to repair damaged storage, while repairs are in progress, the amount of storage available for ingestion of new data decreases.
  • Storage available for storing and protecting new objects and object and system metadata (shown in gray).
  • Storage reserved for repairing damaged storage (shown in black).

To see the amount of storage in any of the above categories as a percent of total storage, hover over the applicable colored section of the bar. The sum of the percents of used storage, available storage, and storage reserved for repair is 100. However, because the section for storage under repair is an overlay, the sum of the percents for all four categories can be greater than 100.

The relative amounts of storage shown on the storage-usage bar and the corresponding percents can change when drives are added or become unavailable, objects are stored or deleted, or storage is repaired.