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The Reserved for Repair value on the Dashboard page is the amount of storage, in bytes, that is currently reserved for use in repairing damaged or otherwise unavailable storage. Storage reserved for repair can be used only for repairing object data and object and system metadata when one or more drives become unavailable. This storage cannot be used for storing and protecting new data.

Reserving storage for repair helps ensure that space is always available for repairing allocated storage on unavailable drives.

The amount of storage reserved for repair is calculated as a percent of total storage relative to the number of drives in the S Series Node. This percent, which can be between as high as five, decreases as drives are added to the S Series Node. If all the storage reserved that was for repair is used, this percent is zero.

Storage reserved for repair is a logical amount of storage. This storage does not have a specific physical location.

When repairing storage, the S Series Node first uses available storage. When no more available storage exists, the S Series Node uses the storage reserved for repair. At this point, the S Series Node cannot ingest any new data.