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The Dashboard page has two graphs, one showing amounts of stored and ingested data and the other showing amounts of storage under repair. The graphs show amounts in bytes over the past ten days. If the HCP S Series software was installed less than ten days ago, the graphs show amounts starting from the day the software was installed.

The S Series Node updates graph statistics at regular intervals. As a result, the graphs may not reflect current values.

In each graph, the x-axis marks the passage of time. The y-axis marks the number of bytes in measurement units that increase or decrease (for example, from GB to TB or from TB to GB) as the number of bytes increases or decreases.

The list below describes the graphs on the Dashboard page.

Used/Ingested graph
The Used/Ingested graph is a visual representation of the changes in storage efficiency over time, where storage efficiency is shown as the relationship between used storage and ingested data. Used storage is all the storage that is occupied by object data, object or system metadata, scavenging metadata, or data and metadata protection overhead at any given time. Ingested data is the data that was written to the S Series Node for all the objects that exist on the S Series Node at any given time.
In the graph, used storage is represented by blue shading. Ingested data is represented by a black line.
Due to single-instancing, at any given time, the amount of used storage can be less than the amount of ingested data, resulting in greater storage efficiency. If no objects have duplicate data, the amount of used storage is greater than the amount of ingested data, resulting in lower storage efficiency.
Under Repair graph
The Under Repair graph shows the changes in the amount of storage in need of repair over time. This amount of storage is called the repair backlog.
Note: While the repair backlog is very small, the size of the backlog looks like zero on the graph.