Content Platform S Series Node Help

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The Dashboard page of the HCP S Series Management Console shows information about the storage on the HCP S Series Node:

  • The labeled boxes across the top of the page show various current storage statistics:
    • Total storage
    • Used storage
    • Available storage
    • Storage reserved for repair
    • Storage under repair
    • Storage efficiency

    Most of the boxes have links to more detailed statistics.

  • The bar below the boxes shows storage usage.
  • The graphs show three different storage statistics over time:
    • Used storage and ingested data, on a single graph
    • Storage under repair

Storage statistics take both data and database drives into account. However, space used for system overhead on either type of drive is not included in the calculations of storage statistics.

All storage statistics are base 2 (that is, they are multiples of 1,024).

Note: If any SAS cables are disconnected, reported storage statistics may be incorrect.