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Alerts contain information about the current state of the HCP S Series Node. Typically, an alert requires you to take an action.

If any alerts are currently in effect, the HCP S Series Management Console displays a red circle showing the number of those alerts next to a bell icon () in the top right corner of each Console page. To see a list of the alerts that are in effect, click on the bell icon. To see the full text of a truncated alert, hover over the visible alert text.

You can also use the S Series Node management API to retrieve the alerts that are currently in effect.

While SSH access is enabled, this message appears first in the alert list in the Management Console:

SSH is enabled.

In the Management Console, the number that shows how many alerts are currently in effect is not automatically updated. To update this number, either reload the current page or navigate to a different page. Regardless of the number shown, clicking the bell icon opens a list of all the alerts that are currently in effect.

Alerts are triggered by events. However, although messages about events are always logged at the time the event occurs, some alerts may not be issued until up to five minutes after the triggering event occurs. Similarly, some alerts may persist up to five minutes past the resolution of the triggering event.

Tip: The text for alerts is the same as the detailed form of messages in the event log. For more information about an alert, find the corresponding event-log message. Then look at the message details.