Managing server modules

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The two server modules in the base enclosure for an HCP S11 or S31 Node are located side by side at the back of the enclosure. Server module 1 is on the right. Server module 2 is on the left.

The two server modules in the base enclosure for an HCP S32 Node are located one above the other at the back of the enclosure. Server module 1 is on top. Server module 2 is on the bottom and is rotated 180 degrees from server module 1.

If you have the administrator or service role, you can use the HCP S Series Management Console or management API to:

  • Power on an individual server module. You can do this only if the other server module is currently powered on.

  • Reboot one or both server modules.

  • Power off one or both server modules. Powering off both server modules effectively shuts down the S Series Node.

    When you reboot or power off the server module that's hosting your connection to the Management Console, the connection is broken. To reconnect to the Management Console while the server module is rebooting or powered off, use the S Series Node domain name or an IP address for the other server module in the Management Console URL.

    To power on the server modules after powering both of them off, disconnect all the power cables from the power supplies in the base enclosure and then reconnect the power cables. As soon as you reconnect the first power cable, the server modules start to power on.

    Note: On an S32 Node, if you turned off the power switches on the power supplies, the server modules don't power on until you turn on the first power switch.
    When powering on an S Series Node, always power on all the expansion enclosures before you power on the server modules. When shutting down an S Series Node, always power off both server modules before powering off the expansion enclosures.

    Powering off one or more expansion enclosures while one or both server modules are powered on can result in data unavailability and, possibly, data loss.

The procedure below uses the Management Console to reboot, power off, or power on one or both server modules, as applicable.

  1. Log in to the Management Console using a user account with the administrator or service role.
  2. Go to Hardware > Overview or Hardware > Maintenance.
  3. On the HARDWARE OVERVIEW or HARDWARE MAINTENANCE page, click Power Options.
  4. Under Server Module, select Server module 1, Server module 2, or Server modules 1 and 2, as applicable.
  5. In the Reason field, type the reason why you're taking the applicable action. This text can be up to 1,024 characters long and can contain any valid UTF-8 characters, including white space.
  6. Click the action you want to take: Power On, Restart (reboot), or Shut Down (power off), as applicable.