Adding host entries to a forward lookup zone

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  1. On the left side of the DNS Manager window, select the applicable forward lookup zone. Then right-click the zone and select New Host (A or AAAA).
  2. In the New Host window:
    • In the Name field, type the hostname for the entry. For example:
      • If you're using a forward lookup zone created specifically for the S Series Node, type * or admin.
      • If you're using a different forward lookup zone, type * or admin followed by the S Series Node domain name (for example, *.s-node-1 or admin.s-node-1).
    • In the IP address field, type the IP address for the entry.
    • To add the IP address to a reverse lookup zone that already exists, select Create associated pointer (PTR) record.

    Then click Add Host.

  3. In response to the confirming message, click OK.

    If you selected Create associated pointer (PTR) record and the reverse lookup zone does not exist, the host entry is added to the forward lookup zone but not to a reverse lookup zone.

  4. Take either of these actions:
    • To add another host entry, repeat steps 2 and 3.
    • If you're done adding host entries, click Done.