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As a security administrator, you can create S Series Node user accounts. When you create a user account, you specify a username for the account. The username uniquely identifies that account on the S Series Node.


  • Must be 3 through 128 characters long
  • Can contain only valid UTF-8 characters
  • Cannot contain uppercase letters
  • Cannot contain an opening angle bracket (<) or closing angle bracket (>)
  • Cannot start with an opening square bracket ([) or closing square bracket (])
  • Cannot contain white space
  • Must be unique for the current S Series Node

Additionally, the following strings are reserved and cannot be used as usernames:

  • allusers
  • authenticatedusers
  • internal
  • logdelivery

You can reuse usernames that are not currently in use. For example, if you delete the account for a user, you can create a new account for that user with the same username as the deleted account had.