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User account credentials consist of a username and password. You can use the HCP S Series Management Console or management API to change the password for your own user account at any time. An S Series Node user with the security role can change the password for any user account at any time.

Important: Passwords for S Series Node user accounts created by HCP systems are generated automatically and are not known to administrators of those systems. If you change the password for such a user account, the applicable system will no longer be able to manage or report on its usage of the S Series Node storage.

Normally, user account passwords expire after a configurable amount of time. However, security administrators can configure individual user accounts so that the password never expires automatically or so that the password expires immediately. A password that is set to expire immediately expires regardless of whether it's subject to automatic expiration.

If your user account password expires, you can use an interface that requires password access only to change that password. An expired password does not prevent the user account from being used for data access with the S3 compatible API.

For you to use the S3 compatible API, your user account must have the data role and additional credentials that consist of an access key and secret key. You can use the Management Console or management API to generate these credentials. However, for you to generate the credentials, your user account must have the data role. Only you can generate the S3 compatible API credentials for your user account.

After generating your S3 compatible API credentials, store the access key and secret key in a secure location. You can use the Management Console or management API to retrieve your access key, but the S Series Node does not provide a way for you to retrieve your secret key.

Note: The only supported users of the S Series Node S3 compatible API are HCP systems and HCP for cloud scale systems.

Access keys and secret keys do not expire. However, if you lose these keys, you can generate new ones. As soon as you generate new keys, the old keys stop working.

To use the Management Console to change your password or generate new keys for the S3 compatible API, click the person icon () in the upper right corner of the Management Console window. Then select the action you want to take.