Considerations for working with user accounts

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These considerations apply to working with user accounts:

  • You cannot change the username for an existing user account.
  • At all times, at least one user account must have the security role. Therefore:
    • You cannot remove the security role from the last user account that has that role.
    • You cannot delete the last user account that has the security role.
  • The last user account that has the security role cannot be disabled in any of these ways:
    • Manually
    • Automatically due to failed login attempts
    • Automatically due to lack of use
  • If you disable the user account you used to log in to the HCP S Series Management Console, the Console session immediately ends.
  • You cannot delete a user account that owns any buckets. To delete the account, you first need to either change the owner of each applicable bucket to a different user account or delete each applicable bucket.
  • You cannot delete the user account you're currently using to access the S Series Node.
  • Multiple people can use the same user account at the same time to access the same or different S Series Node interfaces. To prevent this from happening, you should create a separate account for each user.