Management network

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For the management network, each server module has one 1Gb Ethernet port. These ports connect the server modules to your networking infrastructure through one or two Ethernet switches:

  • With one Ethernet switch, the management ports on both server modules connect to the same switch. With this configuration, if connectivity to the switch is lost, access to the S Series Node over the management network is not possible.
  • With two Ethernet switches, the management port on each server module connects to a different switch. With this configuration, loss of connectivity to one switch does not prevent access to the S Series Node over the management network.

Use of the management network is not required. If you don't plan to use this network, you can leave the management ports unconnected.

Tip: If you don't connect the management network ports, disable monitoring of the management network. Disabling monitoring prevents the S Series Node from issuing alerts about the network not being connected.

Modifying the management network causes the S Series Node to reboot. Enabling or disabling management-network monitoring does not cause a reboot.

To work with the management network in the Management Console, go to Configuration > Networking. Then click the edit icon (Pencil icon) for the management network.