DNS servers

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Optionally, you can make up to three DNS servers known to an S Series Node. You identify each DNS server by its IP address.

You can choose the network (access or management) to be used for communication between the S Series Node and the DNS servers you specify. The default is the access network.

The S Series Node uses the selected network in the IP mode in which the network is configured. If the network is configured for IPv6 and a secondary IPv6 gateway is configured for the network, you can choose to use either the primary or secondary IPv6 gateway.

For the S Series Node to communicate with the specified DNS servers, the IP mode of the selected network must match the IP mode of the DNS server IP addresses.

The S Series Node issues an alert if communications to the DNS servers fail.

If you have the administrator or service role, you can use the HCP S Series Management Console or management API to modify DNS-server settings for the HCP S Series Node.

To work with DNS-server settings in the Management Console, go to Configuration > DNS Servers.