Data access protocol configuration

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You can enable or disable use of the S3 compatible API. If you disable use of this API, clients cannot read, write, modify, or delete data stored on the S Series Node.

By default, if the S Series Node supports the use of SSL for data access, both HTTP and HTTPS are enabled for access to the S Series Node through the S3 compatible API. You can disable the use of HTTP with the S3 compatible API, but you cannot disable the use of HTTPS.

If the S Series Node does not support the use of SSL for data access, HTTP is the only option for access through the S3 compatible API.

By default, clients can use the S3 compatible API to access an S Series Node from any IP address. You can choose to allow access only from specific IP addresses. Similarly, you can choose to deny access from specific IP addresses. You control how the S Series Node handles IP addresses that are both allowed and denied access or neither allowed nor denied access.

To work with the S Series Node data access protocol configuration in the Management Console, go to Configuration > Protocols.