Content Platform S Series Node Help

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An HCP S Series Node stores objects in buckets. A bucket is a logical grouping of objects such that the objects in one bucket are not visible in any other bucket.

Buckets have these properties:

  • Name.
  • Owner. Only users with the data role can own buckets.
  • Description (optional). The description can be up to 1,024 characters long and can contain any valid UTF-8 characters, including white space.

An S Series Node can have at most 10,000 buckets.

If you have the administrator role, you can use the HCP S Series Management Console or management API to create, modify, and delete buckets. If you have the data role, you can use the Hitachi API for Amazon S3 (the S3 compatible API) to create and delete buckets.

To work with buckets in the Management Console, go to System > Buckets.