Viewing volumes

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The System Management application shows this information about the Docker volumes used by jobs and services:

  • Name: The unique identifier for the volume.
  • Type: Either of these:
    • System: The volume is managed automatically for you by the system.
    • User: You need to manage the volume yourself.
  • Capacity: Total storage space free in the volume.
  • Used: Space used by the job or service.
  • Pool: The volume category, as defined by the service or job that uses the volume.
Note: Some functions described here are not used with HCP for cloud scale. They are not visible in the System Management application, or have no effect when used.

For each volume, you can also view this information about the volume driver that controls how the volume stores data:

  • Volume driver: The name of the volume driver.
  • Option/Value: The command-line options used to create the volume and their corresponding values. The available options and valid values for those options are determined by the volume driver.