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You can update system software by uploading new update packages.

Important: Hitachi Vantara does not provide updates or security fixes for the host operating systems running on system instances.

Before updating

In order for a system to be updated:

  • All instances and services must be healthy.
  • Each service must be running on its best-practice number of instances.
  • Each instance must have enough disk space for the update.
  • All required network ports must be available on each instance.
  • There can be no in-progress package uploads or installations.

During an update

  • System availability considerations:
    • Instances shut down and restart one at a time during the upgrade. Other instances remain online and able to service requests.
    • The Admin App remains available but is in a read-only state. You can monitor the progress of the update, but you cannot make any other changes to the system.
    Note: Systems with two instances are more susceptible to availability outages during an update than systems with three or more instances.

Verifying update status

As an update runs, you can view its progress on the Configuration > Update page. Also on this page, you can view all system events related to system updates.

Results of an update

After an update, the system runs a new version of the software. Additionally:

  • If any of the built-in plugins were updated, your system automatically uses the latest versions of those plugins.
  • If an existing service is replaced with a new service, the system automatically runs that new, replacement service.
  • If any new services were added, you might need to manually configure those services to run on the system instances.

Update errors

If errors occur during an update, the Update page displays information about each error and also displays a Retry button for starting the update over again. Some errors might not be resolved by restarting the update.

If you encounter errors during an update, contact your authorized service provider.

New services and components added during an update

A system update might add new services or plugins. You need to manually configure your system to start using these new components; your system does not start using them automatically.