Importing packages

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To import a package, you can upload it from your computer or have your system retrieve it from one of your data sources.

After you import the package, your system runs a system task to synchronize the package components across all instances in your system.

The system can have only one imported package at a time.

  • Importing a component that already exists on your system might cause conflicts and should be avoided.
  • You need to manually resolve conflicts with Components, while conflicts with Configuration are handled automatically by the system.

Admin App instructions

  1. Select Dashboard > Configuration.
  2. Click Packages.
  3. Click Import.
  4. Do one of these:
    • If the package you want to import is stored on your computer, click and drag the package file into the Upload Package window.
    • If the package you want to import is stored in one of your data sources, click the Click to Upload window and then browse for the package file.
  5. Under Package Description, review the description and then click Continue.
  6. Under Configuration, select any configuration items to import.
  7. Under Plugins, select any plugin bundles to import.
  8. Under Components, select any available components to import.
  9. Under Validate, make sure your package is valid and then click Install Package.

    Your system starts a system task to install the package components on all instances in the system.

    You can monitor the task from the current page or from the Processes page.

  10. When the task has completed and all package components have been installed, clicking Complete Install deletes the package from the system.