Exporting packages

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You can export the configurations for system components as package files. You can back up these package files and use them to restore your configurations in the event of a system failure.

After exporting a package, you can store it in one of your data sources. When you want to import the package, your system can retrieve it directly from the data source.

Admin App instructions

  1. Select Dashboard > Configuration.
  2. Click Packages.
  3. Click Export.
  4. Under Customize Package Description, give your package a name and, optionally, a description.
  5. Under Configuration, select any configuration items to export.
  6. Under Plugins, select any plugin bundles to export.
  7. Under Components, select any available components to export.

    If you select one component but not the components it depends on, the Admin App prompts you to add those missing components to the package.

  8. Under Validate, make sure your package is valid and then click Download Package.
  9. When your package downloads, click Download Package to download it again, or click Finish to exit.