(Optional) Shut down the instance you want to remove

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If the instance has already shut down because of a failure, the instance is in the Down state. Your system automatically tries to move all services from that instance to other instances in the system. After all services have been moved, the instance is eligible for removal. Continue to the next step.

If the instance that you want to remove is in the Up state, you need to shut the instance down yourself before you can remove it from the system.

  1. Move all the services that the instance is currently running to the other instances in the system.
    Shutting down an instance without first moving its services can cause data loss.
  2. If the system has jobs configured to run on only the failed instance, configure those jobs to run on other instances.
  3. Stop the run script from running. You do this using whatever method you're currently using to run the script.
  4. Run this command to stop all system Docker containers on the instance:
    sudo <installation-folder>/bin/stop
  5. Delete the system Docker containers:
    1. List all Docker containers:
      sudo docker ps
    2. Note the container IDs for all containers that use a com.hds.ensemble or com.hitachi.aspen image.
    3. Delete each of those containers:
      sudo docker rm <container-id>
  6. Delete the system Docker images:
    1. List all Docker images:
      sudo docker images
    2. Note the image IDs for all images that use a com.hds.ensemble or com.hitachi.aspen repository.
    3. Delete each of those images:
      sudo docker rmi <image-id>
  7. Delete the system installation folder:
    rm -rf /<installation-folder>