Start the application on each server or virtual machine

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On each server or virtual machine that is to be a system instance:
Start the application script run using whatever methods you usually use to run scripts.
Important: Ensure that the method you use can keep the run script running and can automatically restart it if a server restarts or there is other availability event.
When the service starts, the server or virtual machine automatically joins the system as a new instance.

Here are some examples of how you can start the script:

  • You can run the script in the foreground:

    sudo install_path/product/bin/run

    When you run the run script this way, the script does not automatically complete, but instead remains running in the foreground.

  • You can run the script as a service using systemd:
    1. Copy the product .service file to the appropriate location for your OS. For example:

      cp install_path/product/bin/product.service /etc/systemd/system

    2. Enable and start the product.service service:
      sudo systemctl enable product.service
      sudo systemctl start product.service