Before adding a new instance

Content Platform for Cloud Scale Administration Guide

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  • Obtain the product installation file. When adding an instance, you unpack and deploy this file on a bare-metal server or a pre-existing Linux virtual machine.
  • Record the IP address of at least one of the master instances in the system.

    If your system uses internal and external networks, you need to record both the internal and external IP addresses for the master instances.

    You can view instance IP addresses on the Instances page in the Admin App.

  • Ensure that the new instances you are adding meet the minimum hardware, OS, and networking requirements.
  • Record the Docker volume drivers currently used by services and jobs across all existing instances. You need to install all of these volume drivers on the new instance that you're adding.

    To find the volume drivers currently in use by your system, run this command on each system instance:

    docker volume ls

    Take note of each value for the DRIVER field.