Content Platform for Cloud Scale Administration Guide

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HCP for cloud scale uses a Prometheus, an open-source software tool running over HTTPS as a service, to provide storage component metrics through a browser.

The Metrics service collects metrics for these HCP for cloud scale services:

  • S3 Gateway
  • MAPI Gateway
  • Policy Engine
  • Metadata Coordination
  • Metadata Gateway
  • Data-Lifecycle
The default behavior for the Metrics services is as follows:
  • The service collects all storage component metrics and you cannot disable collection.
  • The service collects data every ten seconds (the Scrape Interval) and retains data for 15 days (the Database Retention); you can configure these values in the service by using the System Management application.
Note: Metrics related to HCP for cloud scale instances and services are collected and provided by the System Management application. Collection of these metrics cannot be disabled.

Viewing metrics with Grafana

HCP for cloud scale includes pre-defined Grafana dashboards that enable you to view and monitor metrics in charts and graphs. These metrics include S3 bucket and object data, system health information, and encryption activity. To start and use these dashboards, see Monitoring system metrics in Grafana.