Adding a storage component

Content Platform for Cloud Scale Administration Guide

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You can use the Object Storage Management application or an API method to add a storage component to the HCP for cloud scale system.

Tip: To improve performance and availability, and to avoid transfer fees, add storage components that are local to the HCP for cloud scale site.

The storage component must contain an HCP for cloud scale bucket before you can add the storage component to the HCP for cloud scale system.

To add a storage component, it must be available and you need the following information about it:

  • Storage component type
  • Endpoint information (host name or IP address)
  • If an HCP S Series Node storage component, the cluster name, management host name, and administrative user credentials
  • If used, the proxy host and port and the proxy user name and password
  • API port
  • S3 credentials (the access key and secret key to use for access to the storage component bucket)
Tip: You can use the HCP S Series Management Console or management API to generate S3 credentials. Only you can generate the S3 compatible API credentials for your user account.